How I use Artificial Intelligence to study a sign language in Bali (EN)

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Kata Kolok is a sign language used in a village in the north of Bali. It’s only 150 years old, which makes it quite young for a sign language. One of the interesting things about this village is that two-thirds of its members know Kata Kolok even though only 2% are deaf. How do daily linguistic interactions lead to so many people knowing the sign language? During this 20 minute lecture, Katie Mudd will explain how she uses artificial intelligence to investigate how people use Kata Kolok to interact, how the sign language appeared and how it continues to evolve.

This will be presentend in English.


Waar & Wanneer

Zondag 25 november 2018 om 13 uur Muntpunt, Auditorium de Wolken, Verdieping 5 Duur: 20 minuten




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